More than 90% commercial stocks in the Mediterranean Sea are overfished. Oceana strives to reverse this situation by securing policy reforms and improving the enforcement of current laws.

Rotterdam Special Needs Fund

Each year, thousands of households in Rotterdam find themselves in a pressing financial emergency situation. The Rotterdam Special Needs Fund provides one-off financial donations in acute emergency situations.

Annual Report 2017

With great effort and motivation, we worked firmly over the last year to achieve our goals. We cooperated with 123 organizations, in short and multiannual partnerships. Our annual report is a testimony of our work.

Landmark press freedom case won

UK government violated the freedom of the press, ruled the European Court of Human Rights in a landmark press freedom case, brought by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Privacy International and others.

The Good Lobby

The distance between the EU and its citizens has grown visibly, putting a strain on the democratic legitimacy of the EU. The Good Lobby mobilizes citizens to put their talents to use for European policy-making.

Verhalenmarkt offers freelancers for desk journalist work

Verhalenmarkt expanded its functionalities: besides searching for good journalists, editors can also use the platform when looking for freelancers to carry out desk work.

Stop the Carousel

The film ALICIA is about a girl victim to a system that takes children out of their homes but then fails to offer them a better alternative. It resulted in a Manifesto, presented to the government.

National ThinkTank on Circular Economy

The theme of the 13th edition of the Dutch National ThinkTank is about Circle Economy. It had its official start in the middle of August 2018.

IMC Weekend School on Tour

Newcomer children start in an introduction class. They learn the Dutch language in one year and progress to regular schools. IMC Weekend School offers a half day of weekend school education every week.

Rewilding Europe

Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms create wilder, more biodiverse habitats. Key stakeholders are challenged to adopt the rewilding philosophy and scale up in order to make changes that are beneficial for European nature.

International Press Institute

The OnTheLine Project is aimed at addressing the issue of online harassment of journalists. IPI will develop a one-stop online resource platform. This will be directed at journalists, editors, and media managers.

Campaign to increase victims’ willingness to report sexual exploitation

Most underage victims of sexual exploitation in the Netherlands don’t report their experiences to the police, according to research of CKM. The campaign ‘Make it Visible’ wants to increase victims’ willingness to report sexual exploitation.

Chefs for Good Fish

Most of the fish on the menu in restaurants is not sustainable. The Good Fish Foundations’ ‘Chefs for Good Fish’ program wants to change this. It raises awareness among hotel and catering businesses, chefs and suppliers.

Hostwriter wins Google Impact Challenge

Hostwriter, an online network platform for journalists, won the Impact Challenge Germany, a competition organized by Google Germany for civil society organizations that use technology to make the world a better place.

Dutch Cell Dogs

A prisoner training a difficult dog to be a good pet, is also training himself. Dutch Cell Dogs is a program in which people and animals help each other to rediscover a place in society.

IFAW: online wildlife trade in Europe and Russia persistent

IFAW research highlights the vast quantity of live animals and their body parts available for sale online. It also details the challenges and opportunities faced in putting an end to wildlife cybercrime.

Coalition against child sexual exploitation

Preventing sexual exploitation of children and young people requires a comprehensive and ambitious program, aimed at achieving systematic change. The Coalition against child sexual exploitation operates such a program.

World Press Freedom Index: Press freedom deteriorating worldwide

On 3 May, Reporters without Borders launched the Press Freedom Index 2018. The worldwide trend, in Europe too, is one of growing hostility to journalists and media, often openly encouraged by political leaders.

Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen: fighting poverty under a new name

Our partner Delta Lloyd Foundation changed its name since 1 May 2018 into “Stichting van Schulden naar Kansen” (“From Debt to Opportunities Foundation”).

Global Witness and Finance Uncovered – Biggest corruption scandal ever brought before court

Two of the world’s largest oil companies are on trial: Shell and the Italian oil and gas company Eni. The report by Global Witness and Finance Uncovered initiated the investigations of bribery and corruption.


The Aeolian archipelago, north of Sicily, is under pressure from increasing tourism and unsustainable fishing practices. Illegal and unregulated fishing leads to over-fishing.

VSNK – “Van Schulden naar Kansen”

Poverty as a result of problematic debt is a serious social issue. The Van Schulden Naar Kansen (From Debt to Opportunities, VSNK) project aims to significantly reduce the number of households battling poverty and problematic debt.

Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland

About 7,000 underage children are staying at women’s shelters or social shelters. Dutch child welfare charity Stichting Kinderpostzegels Nederland, in coalition with others advocates for independent case files for children in shelters.


Investigative journalism increases insight into social issues. However, since existing revenue models and reporting are being fundamentally challenged by digitization, financing this labor-intensive type of reporting is becoming increasingly difficult.

European Policy Centre

The European Union faces a major challenge: agreeing on effective policies that take the interests of all Europeans into account. EPC plans to make opinions of citizens heard during the respective decision-making processes.

Digital Freedom Fund

An increasing part of everyday life depends on digital data traffic. However, protection of personal data still lags behind. Digital Freedom Fund takes stock of opportunities to enforce better protection of digital rights through legal procedures.

Plastic Solutions Fund

Plastic is one of the biggest pollution threats our ecosystems faces. The Plastic Solutions Fund builds collaborations around the world to help solve the plastics crisis. It finances a worldwide movement to combat single-use plastics.

Fonds Slachtofferhulp

Many Dutch people go through a traumatic experience as a result of a crime, sexual abuse or a serious traffic accident. The Pieter van Vollenhoven Emergency Support Fund of the Fonds Slachtofferhulp provides immediate assistance.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch advocates for the defense and protection of human rights worldwide. When it comes to refugees, Human Rights Watch works towards proper legal protection and fair asylum policies for legitimate war refugees.

Alliance Magazine, interview with Adessium Foundation

In a very special interview our founders and director speak about many aspects of the Adessium Foundation: from the start of the organization to where we are now, more than ten years later.

Fondazione Lang, interview Rogier van der Weerd

For the Italian Fondazione Lang, Rogier van der Weerd spoke about Adessium’s points of view, our way of working, and our lessons learned. The aim of Fondazione Lang is to strengthen strategic philanthropy in Italy.

Netherlands Debate Institute

The Netherlands Debate Institute Foundation develops enjoyable debating activities that enable young people to develop the competencies necessary to function in a democracy. The topics for the debates are current social issues.

Saskia van den Dool, new Director of Programs

With effect from 1 October, Adessium Foundation’s board of directors is complete again. Earlier this year Rogier van der Weerd became Managing Director and we welcomed Saskia van den Dool as our Director of Programs.


Journalism plays a crucial role in informing citizens and dissecting social issues. Many societal abuses transcend national boundaries. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is a worldwide network of collaborating investigative journalists.

Plastics in tap water

Our bodies are infested with plastic not only via the food chain, but also through our drinking water. New research by Orb Media shows that 83% of our drinking water is contaminated with nanoplastics.


Due to a multiplicity of individual and social problems, a large group of young people and adults loses connection with society. Streetcornerwork works to improve the situation of these individuals.

African Parks

Africa’s biodiversity and natural systems are under extreme threat. African Parks developed a successful public-private partnership conservation model to secure the future of protected areas comprising critical habitats for wildlife in Africa.

Transparency International

Decisions made at the European level should benefit the public interest rather than serve private interests. Transparency International EU (TI EU) works to promote integrity in European Union.

Life Goals

People in social shelters often find it difficult to stay active. The Life Goals Foundation gets vulnerable people into action through sport, like with the Dutch Street Cup, a street football competition between cities.

Should journalists change the world?

What are the difficulties faced by investigative reporters in pursuing stories that challenge powerful parties? And what are the boundaries of journalism’s role in social change? The views of Ian Urbina and Gerard Ryle.

Reporters without Borders

Nearly half of the world’s population has no access to freely-reported news and information. Every year, RSF produces the World Press Freedom Index. It helps to increase the attention of governments to freedom of information.

Stichting de Noordzee

The ecosystem of the North Sea is under pressure. Stichting De Noordzee (North Sea Foundation, SDN) works to reduce the pollution of the North Sea and its beaches by partnering with companies.

Marilles Foundation

The ecosystems of the Balearic Islands face significant pressure, mainly from overfishing, as well as from mass tourism. The Marilles Foundation has the aim of turning the Balearics into a beacon of marine conservation.

Wildlife Justice Commission

Wildlife crimes are causing irreversible harm to biodiversity and to the very fabric of human society. The Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) conducts intelligence led undercover investigations to identify the top-level traffickers.

European Council on Refugees and Exiles

The rights of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants are at risk at EU and national level. The ECRE mission is to promote fair and humane European asylum policies and practices.

Dokters van de Wereld

Medical care is not a privilege but a human right. And yet for millions of people worldwide no medical care is available if they become ill. In the Netherlands, access to health care for undocumented migrants is problematic. In practice it is difficult for them [...]


In West Africa fish stocks are shrinking due to problems such as overfishing and climate change. Greenpeace aims for a structural solution for this crisis, by emphasizing sustainable regional fisheries management and cooperation between governments.


Hostwriter offers a practical solution at a time when journalism suffers budget cuts across all sectors and costs for freelancers are often not covered. Members easily connect with colleagues for advice, co-authorship or accommodation.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is the final safety net for people who have nowhere to go. With its team of professional staff, the Salvation Army helps more than 37,000 people with complex problems every year in the Netherlands. These people are no longer able to function [...]

The Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic litter takes a long time to degrade. It ends up in the environment. The Plastic Soup Foundation is working to ensure that no more plastic will end up in our oceans and seas.

European Digital Rights

The internet is changing our world. It has dramatically boosted our ability to communicate with each other - we can connect with everyone everywhere. However, companies and governments increasingly abuse technologies to restrict freedoms: from mass surveillance and violation of privacy rights to arbitrary censorship [...]